What it’s Like to Date a Clairvoyant

It's all fun and games until he looks into your palm, gasps, and starts ignoring you. Now, I'm no psychic but I'll admit, it's a thrill to have a kind of supernatural magical force beside you. Dating a clairvoyant is like having a lucky rabbit's foot chained to your wrist: it gets you places because … Continue reading What it’s Like to Date a Clairvoyant


The Center of the Universe

I love old photos. I love looking at all my loved ones as they were: younger, a bit unsure, hopeful... All the things I am. I look at them and I see a form of certainty. Here there were thousands of ways their lives could have played out. But it came to be that I … Continue reading The Center of the Universe

Schoolzone: Send help

The children and their thundrous steps prance through the recesses of my skull. Playful and skittish, falling amongst themselves in the ruckus and rightfully crying out as they do so. Why. Why do they delight in being so misbehaved? What is there to celebrate in their stupid little game of slapping one another? What secret … Continue reading Schoolzone: Send help

A Present for the Past and Future

If I could tell you one thing about the future, it would be that...It gets worse.But then it gets better.But it gets worse again.Then, good again. A little steady good. It all depends on what you think will last longer.You get tired a lot, I'm sure.It's the carbs. We've got to cut down and we … Continue reading A Present for the Past and Future